Welcome to Digits in the Black – Bookeeping and Accounting services since 2001.


Digits in the Black was started in 2001 with the goal of providing support services for the growing small business.  

The idea of outsourced bookeeping and accounting services was concieved by the need of many small businesses wanting only part time accounting help.  With wages on the upswing and insurance cost doubling overnight, what type of an employee could most small business affort to hire?  These businesses need professional help to assure that their financial activity was done both timely and accurately without huge costs.

Digits in the Black will save you time and money.  Spend more of your valuable time doing what you do best.  Pay only for the services you need with less stress.

Digits in the Black will help you understand what your  financial statements are really telling you.  Be confident interpreting your financial data and eliminate poor financial management.  Let Digits in the Black prepare for you a qucik, simple and free small business evaluation.

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